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Women engineering students at Marquette University started meeting in hopes of forming an organization for the increasing number of women in engineering and science. November 13, 1983, is designated as Founder's Day for Alpha Omega Epsilon. The twenty-seven women became locally recognized as Alpha Omega Epsilon when ASMU, Associated Students of Marquette University, passed their constitution on March 22, 1984.

In April 1984, a group of Triangles and Triangle Little Sisters from SDSM&T traveled to Chicago for the annual Triangle Tournament at the Triangle House on the Northwestern University campus. There the Triangle Little Sisters met some of the members of the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon. They were also former Triangle Little Sisters. They told us about their organization and we brought back this information to SDSM&T.

We started to correspond with Marquette in the Fall of 1984. By October, the choice was down to two sororities, Alpha Omega Epsilon and Alpha Gamma Delta. On November 13, 1984, exactly one year after Alpha Omega Epsilon was founded, we voted unanimously to petition for a Charter Membership to Alpha Omega Epsilon. There were several reasons why we chose Alpha Omega Epsilon. Our main reason was our respect for what they represented - Professionalism, Leadership, and Friendship. We wanted to be part of a women's professional engineering and science organization.

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